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Mark is currently employed as an IT contractor and has recently set up a Ltd Company registered with Companies house. This business is not VAT registered.

IT-Services in the Skegness Area
Dantech Computer Services

IT Services We Provide

Customers who have used our services

This list is not exhaustive and we are able to provide alternative 3rd Party support if your issue is too large or you need a graphics processor re-balling etc.

Dantech Computer Services was founded in the year 2000 and has been trading ever since

We are a VAT registered business serving the IT needs of everyone in reasonable travelling distance from Skegness and beyond.
Mark has developed his skills and experience over the years and we can now offer some new services which our existing customers may not be aware are possible.  These are the new areas we can tackle:

Provision of a Small Business Server which allows your office PC’s to connect to a modern computer domain to share resources such as networked printers, VOIP phones and common shared disk storage.

Full 24/7 remote access via a secure https:// connection.  This is useful if you left a file on the computer that you need whilst you are away from the office.  It takes a couple of minutes to connect and you can download it to where you are.

Installation and configuration of a VOIP phone system - this will vastly reduce your phone bill if you are paying standard BT business rates of 4.5p per minute.  Please contact me to illustrate the likely savings which are considerable.  You do not need to have a server to run the VOIP system on but you can if you wish.

Backup service tailored to your realistic needs.  We do not push you to back up to the cloud and usually this is much dearer than keeping backups in house

Development of a disaster recovery plan so you can be sure to have your systems up and running in minimum downtime should disaster strike.
Sound, wise advice based on over 13 years of business experience.  We sell you what you need not try and sell you things you don't need.

Working Hours and Availability

Because Mark is currently working as an IT contractor he mainly carries out the business in the evenings and on Saturdays.

If there is no contract work happening then he will be able to attend during the normal working hours.

Please ring for availability.