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Dant Computer Services Ltd

Terms and Conditions

Mark is currently employed as an IT contractor and has recently set up a Ltd Company registered with Companies house. This business is not VAT registered.

IT-Services in the Skegness Area
Dantech Computer Services
  1. Telephone advice is free up to the first 20 minutes, after that we will charge you for advice in 30 minute chunks rounded up to the nearest 30 minutes.  So 43 minutes on the phone would be charged as one hour, and so would 59 minutes.  63 minutes would be one and a half hours etc.
  2. Our typical charge for business customers is £50 per hour + VAT at the current rate which is currently 20%.  
  3. Private home customers are currently charged £30 per hour including VAT or £25 + VAT at 20% VAT.
  4. All customers who are invoiced by Dantech Computer Services will be issued with a VAT invoice.
  5. Chargeable advice over the phone and remote assistance is normally paid directly into our bank account online to reduce your costs.  Bank details are given below.
  6. We do not have a call out charge but owing to the high cost of transport and the time to travel we reserve the right to charge our time from the minute we leave our premises plus 40p per mile travelling expenses (ex VAT) until the time we return home,  So you could be charged for two hours if we have to travel 30 minutes each way and do an hours work.
  7. All work is guaranteed against faulty implementation and if any work is faulty owing to our failing this will be re-done at no extra charge to the customer.
  8. Payment is normally due within the period stated on your invoice.  This is usually within 14 working days for businesses.  We would appreciate immediate payment if at all possible.  
  9. Payment is accepted by cash, direct debit, bank transfer, cheque or PayPal.  If paying by PayPal please email mark_dant@btconnect.com.
  10. Any goods sold by Dantech Computer Services remain the possession of Dantech Computer Services until paid for in full.
  11. All goods sold by Dantech are covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty unless otherwise stated.  Monitors normally carry a three year manufacturers warranty.  We will always explain to the customer as to which parts have beyond a 12 month warranty and include this on the invoice for your records.
  12. We reserve the right to send invoices electronically to reduce costs.  We normally email them in PDF format.
  13. Any invoices paid later than the terms stated will be charged at 8% per day unless we agree to waive this fee owing to good reasons explained by the customer and agreed by us.

We aim to keep our customers happy.  That is why we still have so many

who have stayed with us for 13 Years

Bank Account details:

Please pay by direct bank transfer where possible.  The details will be written on the bottom of your invoice.

If you need to know them urgently please call Mark on 07944043426 or email: mark_dant@btconnect.com

Thank you.